No Waves No Problem: Trying out my new Dry Bag

No waves no waves no waves!! It’s been a frustrating week in North Wales, with calm conditions and not even enough slight swell to take my kid for a quick body board! I spent an afternoon down the beach with a friend, helping him get some driftwood for a project he is working on and decided enough was enough, I needed some waves!

So I headed off to Surf Snowdonia, the world class wave garden is just over an hour away and they have been enough to send me some sessions to help me prepare for the World Championships next month. 

Usually I surf at home I head to North Ceiriad or North Neigwl (known more widely as Hell’s Mouth). The conditions can be great, with nice clean waves and the most amazing surroundings. Even better is I can get down there on my quad bike, just on the doorstep. Whats great is i can jump on the bike with the board, in my wetsuit and back again. No hassle. Wetsuit gets chucked in the bathroom and i’m good to go. 

Problem with Surf Snowdonia is my kit has to sit in the car all the way home….dripping wet in bin bags. Not great, my car has fabric seats and in the winter its not exactly practical with wet kit if the bags leak. 

This week I took the Dry Bag with me. I finished the session at Surf Snowdonia, gave the suit a rinse and hung it up in the bag. The bag itself is pretty cool, the material feels extremely well made and tough, and there is certainly no issue with the hanger not being up to it. Its extremely heavy duty and thick enough that it can hold the suit without damaging it. 

The drive home was just over an hour, and I stopped at the local on the way home to see some friends for dinner. Before i booked my taxi home I remembered my suit and decided to check it in the car before heading home. The suit had been in the car for roughly 5 hours and was dry! Usually the suit would be still sodden, in a bin bag in the car! 

I took the Dry Bag home with me and took it into the bathroom where my i’d usually have hug a dripping suit to the annoyance of my Dad! Hanging the Dry Bag over the bath I released the plug and out came the water! 
I’m impressed, first use if the bag and its already worth its weight in gold to a surfer who often drives for surf when it’s flat at home! The Dry Bag is definitely coming to competitions with me, nothing worse than getting in a damp suit after the first day in the surf!