About Llywelyn
From a devastating accident to competing on the world stage
In September 2011 Llywelyn was skateboarding home from a friend's house when he was hit by a car. The injuries were devastating and his parents had been told to prepare for the worst. Llywelyn pulled through a head injury, broken femur, both hips dislocated, shattered pelvis, punctured lung, perforated bowel, split liver and a lower back injury. 
The damage to his leg was so bad a by pass was needed to try and restore the blood supply to his leg. Doctors battled for 2 weeks to try and save his leg, but in order to save his life after sepsis set in the decision was made to amputate his leg above the knee. 

Llywelyn spent a week in an induced coma, weeks on dialysis and hooked up to a machine to breath for him through a tracheostomy. 

After 3 months in hopsital Llywelyn was discharged home, due to the damage to his pelvis it would be some time before doctors could try fitting him with a prosthetic leg. The amptuation had been fairly extreme, leaving a very small limb which coupled with the damage to his hips and pelvis made a prosthetic extremely painful. To this day Llywelyn finds it more compfortable to use crutches without a prosthetic leg. 
Before his accident Llywelyn was a promising surfer, he had starting competing in his local surf comeptitions and was setting his sights on travelling the world with his friends. Llywelyn descibes his first time back in the water as regaining the ability to feel alive again. Starting on a board made by friend and surfer Phil Wood Llywelyn took to the water where the support, buoyancy and cooling therapies of the water provided much needed relief from the day to day pain that became part of Llywelyn's life. 

Phil contacted O'Neil who provided a customised wetsuit for Llywelyn, made to fit around the amputation. Llywelyn would spend hours with the help of friends getting into the water and practicing. In 2014 Llywelyn made his first trip to Australia, sine then he has not looked back, surfing around the Australian coast, Indonesia and France.